Why it works

Simply put, the purpose of spiritual psychotherapy is to remove the blocks from truth.

So it will give you a both the experience and the tools that you need to lead a peaceful and purposeful life in which all experiences have a place and are both opportunities and teachings on your path to greater awareness, greater peace and your intimate experience with your loving source.


  • Have you ever asked yourself why you are here, who you really are or what your purpose is in life? 
  • Do you have a vague inner knowing that there is more to your life than meets the eye and what current cultural beliefs or religious doctrines have to offer? 
  • Or you may wonder why there is so much anger and resistance in your life to accept what is? 
  • Maybe you are very successful in the eyes of the world and yet within you there is a longing, a lack that no outer success seems to fulfill in a lasting way.  
  • Are you well liked by your co-workers, friends and family and yet there is this nagging fear always present in the back of your mind “What if they would really know me?”  
  • Are the stresses and demands of juggling relationships, family or work getting to you mentally, emotionally or physically?  
  • Or are you simply curious what more may beneath the surface of your conscious experience and would like to explore this with someone whom you can trust and relate to?


I encourage you to imagine, if only for a brief moment, that the fact that you are reading this, is the direct result of an invisible guidance system, which is responding to your very thoughts and feelings around a specific situation in your life. This guidance system is an integral part of who you are and originates from the Source of all Life.

Through the process of Spiritual Psychotherapy you will gain both the intellectual insights as well as the direct and intimate experience of how this guidance system works with you and leads you to your Inner Truth. This will be accomplished through the use of a variety of modalities and as such spiritual psychotherapy is not any one technique but rather a way in order to be as true and as effective based on your individual needs.

It is the core intention of this therapeutic approach to empower you to find your own Inner Wisdom and Truth. A process so magical and beautiful, I have come to call it a truly Divine Transformation!