What it is

Spiritual Psychotherapy is an open concept approach, as it draws on a vast collection of tools and modalities to suit the needs of our own unique expression of who we are. The main goal of this therapeutic approach is to empower ourselves to find our own Essence.

To know ourselves, our place and purpose in Creation - and how to express this authentically within us and the world. As we examine, understand, accept and transform our pain, we uncover our own inner guidance system, which acts as the bridge between two parts in us.

One is true, the other one we experience as real.

We exist in truth as perfect reflections of Our Source which created us in its image and likeness and in which we are at home in the fullness, love and peace and knowing of who we are. This part, our essence, needs no therapy nor lacks in any way. It is this the part in which our memory of God is alive as our total experience - and our home and sanctuary from which we create or extend the joy and bliss in unison with our Source, which is our natural state of being.

The other part in us which we experience as real is usually the part with which we identify ourselves and which most often informs our decisions. It is the part in which we have an established identity of who we believe we are, or not. Here is where most of us carry deep wounds and pain which cloud our perceptions, contaminate or sabotage our relationships and our efforts to create and sustain love, peace and abundance.

This part in us operates on a powerful (most often subconscious) premise from which all else follows. Here I am and out there is the world. My past and my beliefs tell me that I am separate from it, from love, success and that which created both the world and me. I don’t want to belief this, but this is my reality, the reality. This is also called Duality – the world of opposites.

Human beings have sought to find ways to reconcile these two parts for eons. Thus countless ways, religions, spiritual traditions and Belief systems have emerged. All have their own sets of rules, rituals, judgements and dogma which promise, if followed faithfully, a better life in some way.

However, almost all of them fail to deliver what we desire most: The experience of feeling loved, appreciated, safe and most of all, a sense of peace within ourselves.

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