The expedition was documented using High Definition Video and High Definition still images. Beginning in April/May you have the opportunity to pre-book an unparalleled Live-Multimedia-Presentation for your corporation, organisation or institution either as an internal or customer event.

In this presentation you will enter and experience the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica through the powerful High definition imagery, film clips and sound. You will journey through areas of this vast continent where no human has travelled before - and you will partake in the inner journey of the expedition members, who are completely isolated - far from any civilisation for 4 weeks in the biggest frozen dessert on planet Earth.


  • Do you want to know more about the processes that lay beneath an expedition of such magnitude?
  • Know about all the variables which make or break such an epic adventure as this one?
  • Get perspective about the different stages of flow or resistance, limits and untapped potential in the area of personal development and re-invention?
  • Do you want to understand the dynamics and relationship of creating and maintain a successful team environment?

Then a workshop or seminar is the right choice for you and your organisation, team or group.

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