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Born in 1975 and raised in Graz, Austria, Dieter’s journey led him to North America in 1997. He currently lives in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

At the age of 6 Dieter found his love for sports. Dieter has been on the Junior National teams in Baseball, Gymnastics and Vaulting and has won several provincial championships in all three disciplines. He also competed in the European Championships in Baseball.

Dieter also served in the Alpine Jaeger, a Special Forces Unit of the Austrian Military concerned with tactical operations and alpine Search and Rescue. His personal interest and dedication led him to successfully complete the corporal training course and actively engage in the curriculum building of physical and mental conditioning and wilderness survival.

Having a deep kinship and love for the Earth, some of Dieter’s passions are Wilderness Survival, Tracking and mentoring both youths and adults who are interested in learning the language and laws of the Earth and Spirit. He has completed 15 week-long courses at Tom Brown’s Wilderness and Survival School in New Jersey and was invited back many times as an assistant instructor.

In his private spiritual psychotherapy practice, Dieter is exploring and guiding with his clients the vast realms of our Inner existence. It is Dieter’s experience that these journeys enrich and expand the horizons and beliefs about who we are, thus inspiring the emergence of our Vision and purpose. In his work with clients and traumatised children in group homes, encountering unforeseen challenges is a daily experience. Likewise, exploring areas of immense power and beauty of thus far unexplored areas of mind and spirit are familiar to him.

Dieter loves traveling the inner and outer worlds and his journeys have led him across Europe, North America, Central America, Africa and most recently Antarctica - always seeking the ancient and timeless wisdom of the land and its people. 

Divine Transformations is the first organization in Canada to combine Spiritual Psychotherapy, the Principles of the Art of Mentoring and A Course In Miracles to assist both adults and children transforming any challenge into opportunities for Personal Growth and True Healing. His Vision is to foster greater intimacy and knowledge about oneself and the natural world, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things within the Circle of Life - and our purpose within it. This unique therapeutic approach helps clients find lasting Peace and Meaning in their life and leads them to their own Inner Teacher and Source – A Process so miraculous, Dieter calls it a truly Divine Transformation!

In addition Dieter is currently inspired assisting other professionals to share their passions and wisdom with broader audiences. To further raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in mind, body and spirit in practical and creative ways.