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Are You ready for more Peace and Joy in Your life?

Spiritual Psychotherapy helps You identify the true meaning of our many symptoms and pain and gives You the Wisdom and Power to transform the very cause of them. More...

Do you find yourself feeling…

Controlled by your life, your past, your thoughts and/or emotions?
Disillusioned about your goals and purpose, or how to manifest them?
Stressed out over health, money, family, work or other areas of your life?
Frustrated or struggling in your personal and/or professional relationships?
There is no time and energy for what you really want to do with your life?


Find out how Dieter can help you and get your first session for 


E - Therapy Services


Through the process of Spiritual Psychotherapy Therapy, you will learn

How to...

Make Your life work for You!
Transform any circumstance, habit or negative belief!
Be at Peace - no matter what!
Create the life, relationships and abundance you desire!
Live your life from Your place of Authenticity and Power!


If any of the above statements speak to you, because you are inspired or  sense resistance in you - You will benefit from Spiritual Psychotherapy!!!


Hay House, Inc.


If you still regard therapy as only for people with mental health problems, I invite you to ponder this.

Many of my own personal favourite inspirational personal growth and self improvement teachers, such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Gary Renard provide us with compelling information, wonderful tools and many effective techniques with which we can transform our lives.

In addition there are a great many spiritual traditions and metaphysical teachings such as Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, the Vedanta, Taoism, The Law of One, to name but a few, to choose from.

And yet, many of us find ourselves still feeling we are lacking access to our own inner wisdom and truth.  We struggle with forgiveness, anger, anxiety, stress, judgements, debilitating beliefs and trauma, all of which seemingly keep us from achieving peace, health, happiness and success in our lives, families and relationships.


I have studied (and still do) many of these authors and teachings personally and found them to be an invaluable and enriching part of my own journey. In my  experience however I find that there is no substitute for having a trusted Guide  and a safe and nurturing space to help facilitate the transformation of knowledge into knowing. All Services I offer assist you in removing the obstacles you may encounter within you or in your current life situation as you journey to ever greater Self Awareness and who You Truly are.

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